Mirialan Scout

I've liked Mirialans ever since I first saw Barriss Offee and Luminara Unduli. I've had this character floating around for a while in sketch form and I finally got around to coloring him. I think in the RPG he'd be a scout, but he could be something else too.


Totally awesome! Love his watchful expression. Definitely a scouting sort of look. Super texture on the pants. And of course the scenery is top-notch. Man, I could rave about this one for a long, long time! (But I'll leave some awesomeness unsaid to give others a chance to rave too.)


Oh, that's awesome. I'm a fan of Mirialans myself - Barriss and Luminara are my favorite of the 'secondary' Jedi, and I have a Mirialan character myself.


*Walks off grumbling that he now has to create a SAGA character to match the artwork*


Awesome in pretty much every way. Technically brilliant, and Mirialans just rock. I may have to give my Mirialan Jedi a rather non-standard outfit so I can use this picture for him. It is genuinely one of the most appealing pieces of art I have seen in a good while.


I've see all your creations. Wonderful. Could you draw a twi'lek for me? See my request please. ;) :)


The background is especially fantastic-- Really brings the character to life. I'd love to see you do more scenes like this one. Keep up the good work, man!