Narruna covered-up

I know it's pretty sketchy, but I'm posting this drawing in response to Imperial Lackey's (hilarious) "Hoth-wear" piece. Someday I may blog our group's complete adventures from Narruna's completely unbiased and totally objective viewpoint, but here's a brief rundown of events that led to her donning this outfit (which is the actual outfit she wore, not the Santa suit...haha):

Though a month had passed since her heartbreaking split with Lyder after his turn to the Dark Side (which he did "for her"), Narruna was still trying to deal with her pain. She turned to a handsome Zeltron for some diversion from her inner turmoil while she and the crew (minus Lyder) were on vacation on Zeltros. No one had any objections until Lyder showed up unexpectedly, got mad, and then suddenly she was the ship pariah. Apparently, in the eyes of the crew, it was okay for Lyder to murder and torture people and to endanger the lives of the entire crew, no questions asked, but for Narruna to have a one-night stand with another guy a month after breaking up with the first to try to deal with her pain...why, that was the epitome of evil. If only she had lived a thousand years later, the Emperor would surely have chosen Narruna as his apprentice, not that puny Anikin who only slaughtered children to prove his dedication to the Dark Side. Jo, in particular, voiced his disapproval of her actions and supported Lyder...who he didn't even like that much. Narruna decided that maybe she really was in the wrong if even Jo, with his questionable morals, thought she had gone too far. So, she decided to stop making her life about her sexuality or the guy she was dating, and to dedicate herself to fighting slavery in the galaxy and to dress the part. It had nothing to do with punishing, nothing at all....

See, completely fair and balanced....


Really a nice change. A modestly dressed female Twi'lek...not something you see everyday. Very spiffy design on the outfit.


I agree. There are so many sexed-out blue Twi'leks running around this place that it's refreshing to see a change. Beauty, they say, is only skin deep, but I like to think that a good Star Wars character can be deeper than that.


It's a Space Soap-Opera! I've actually come to enjoy reading about your exploits. Sounds like a fun crew.

These are some great concepts. I like seeing your rough stuff a great deal.


Dude, I love your work. It's always a real pleasure to see your sketching. Such vitality! And you capture so much with a few simple lines... Genius.


Wow, Narruna has a really unique and interesting point of view about the events that occurred on that vacation.

How imaginative she is...