Futuredrama, Crew of the Emerald Lightning

This is a shot of the dysfunctional crew of the Emerald Lightning (or as Jo'luk calls it, the 'Galactic Pear' due to its color and silhouette).

From left to right: HT-12, the insane, psychopathic combat droid brain trapped in a tiny janitor bot body; Naroona, the escaped slave Twi'lek turned soldier, who was freed from the clutches of a crimelord by a Jedi who now has her in his clutches; Lyder, the angry ex-soldier turned Jedi who has a hard time keeping his violent side in check during times of stress; Sei, the insecure yet bossy, insane runaway princess turned pilot and drug addict, who spent the majority of her time driving the rest of the crew insane, until she was kicked out; Rowrr, the squib-hating wookie ship engineer who constantly clogs the ship shower drain; and Jo'luk, orphaned at birth, suffering from selective amnesia, and needing abundant alcohol to survive (a near-human species trait), he spends much of his time drinking, mouthing off, and getting beaten soundly by bar thugs.

Oh what adventures they have! And that's just in transit...

Medium: Pencil and Photoshop


My favorite part of this entire pic is the bottle in Jo'luk's holster. Genius, sir, pure genius!


So no old professor type who tries to mentor the ex-soldier turned Jedi? I loved Futureroma, funny cartoon show. ^_^


Mm, I don't want to be a nag, but I think you forgot to color the Jedi's gauntlet and lightsaber hilt. :P
I understand though - it happens.