Uncle Jo Comforts the Children

This is another classic scene from our game. The group had fallen into a collapsing underground tunnel system, along with Jo'luk's girlfriend and a few farm kids from her village. (She really didn't look like a hick farm girl with a hayseed in her mouth, I put it in, again for humor purposes).

In this scene, the crew came across a nest of some sort of badger-like animals that were scaring the children. Narruna, Jolla and Lyder told the children that there was nothing to worry about, everything would be fine, the animals were more scared of them than they were, etc.

However, Jo'luk knew better, from his hard life of surviving on his wits alone. He warned the kids that the animals were dangerous, and would attack them if they turned their backs on them. That nature was harsh, and they would have to be strong if they wanted to live. For some reason, the kids cried, his girlfriend got mad at him, and the crew (mostly Lyder and Narruna) couldn't believe he was scaring the kids like that. But Jo was doing it for their own good, as he saw it. Lying to them about being safe with rabid monsters crawling about nearby waiting to devour them was, in Jo's opinion, doing a disservice and potential harm to the kids.

Jalla was mad at Jo for the rest of their underground adventure (until his 'heroics" in the scene "Chaos in the Caves!" also in my gallery.