Sith Devaronian Female

This was a variant of the Sith Devaronian I did as a request a few years back. I thought it looked pretty cool, but I couldn't post it on the original SWAG because they didn't want variants.

Before you say anything, I KNOW IT DOESN'T FIT THE DESCRIPTION OF DEVARONIAN FEMALES. When I took the request, I thought they just looked like female versions of the men, not furry little hornless critters. I would never have taken it had I known how lame real female Devs look. But people seem to like this new look, so I guess you can form our own opinion and use it or not. Makes no difference to me either way. In my games, however, this is how female Devs look, and if Lucas doesn't like it, he can call me. It won't change anything, but it would be cool to get a call from the man behind the madness.


This is how female devs look in my game too. The furry Dev female bit is just another thing I have against off-the-cuff EU writers.


I also agree that the "canon" appearance for Dev females is wierd. I use an appearance that doesn't agree with the canon but does come from one of the comics that I found on Wookiepedia. The appearance for a Dev female Jedi named Jeisel basically looks like a male Dev but without horns. That's the one I use but I definitely like what you've done here. I might adopt it as a little seen subset if I ever run another Star Wars RPG game.


So its a transvestite? I mean they can't have horns unles they are men but... ya'know what never mind I don't want to know