Dual Worlds Teaser Poster

I've finally managed to take some promotional pics for my Star Wars fanfilm titled Dual Worlds. The plot involves a writer named Nick (yes, me) struggling to complete the SW crawl and first scene of his novel. This conflict leads him into a journey beyond his wildest imagination as he encouters his own creation, Valaryc Versai and soon learns he's become a character in another person's story not his own.

This poster represents Val with his back turned, while his saber blade illuminates him in the darkness. If you look close enough you will also see Nick. Sith use red blades, Jedi use green and blue blades but Val as a new breed of noble Dark Jedi uses orange.

I chose to go with a somewhat simple logo that demonstrates two tones to push the duality and has a nod to the formatting of the prequel logos with my own unique twist.

Incidentally this is the highest rated/viewed/faved image in my deviantart gallery, second only to a Jack Sparrow poster.


Gawd! Nothing quite like having the pros come in and up the ante on quality around here!

Nice work! :D


Noble. Dark. Jedi.

Now *thats* what I call taking a new & bold refreshing step away from the cliche.

Babylon 5: Babylon Squared, Delenn once spoke: "I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."

Forget the red, blue, green or purple lightsabers, you went with orange. The orange blade in the picture - creates a very subtle difference in the lighting and portrayal of your character. Its not the cliche Darkside Sith red, Nor is the symbolic Jedi lightside green, blue and purple. Your character seems to be truly of a new breed, something different, a fusion between light and dark, the best & worst of both, a stance in the 'grey area' of the force; possibly the hardest & finest line to walk between; most appropriately casting your character in a deep golden amber light. And that is a subtle yet bold statement.

I like it alot. I always thought Jedi were too puritan & goodness, while Sith painted as too evil, with no limits to their dark depths. Thats perhaps why I always preferred to be force adepts in rpg games, having that freedom of not being chained to either polarity, but rather being in the middle and be able to draw upon from both sides.

The stance and portrait have a timeless quality to it. A lone man, surrounded in darkness, but yet illuminated by a blade of light. Even within the darkness, there is a light that burns brightly. That goes not for the depiction of just the man standing there, but symbolically has a deeper meaning to it.


Thank you very much,

As a avid fan of Star Wars, I wanted to show others that there are more inventive ways to explore the universe in directions Lucas never dreamed of.

With Val, I wanted to create a character with layers of depth that made you question what was truly considered evil and what was considered survival.

What makes you good or evil isn't something you're born into or destined to become, its how you choose to live your life and how you either accept or reject your own sense of what is right from what is wrong.

Val was born into tragedy and that tragedy continued to plague his life with suffering. His family was wiped out by a ruthless dictator, his only love was ripped away from him by his worst enemy, and after his quest for revenge finally ended...he still had to find a purpose to go on.

He had every reason to turn evil, join the Sith and rule the galaxy but instead it was his love that saved him and the friendships he formed along the way with the people's lives he influenced.

Anakin thought what he was doing was right but he blindly allowed himself to reject anyone else telling him what he was doing was clearly wrong...his choices made him evil, not his destiny.

If you're good you're Jedi, if you're evil you're Sith...life does not follow these absolutes. Sometimes you have to do things that are wrong to survive but it's how you atone for those needs that makes you either heroic or sadistic.

Val rewrote what a "Dark Jedi" stands for. He followed a code based on truth, honor, respect, and loyalty. He followed the code of the warrior which states if someone is willing to take your life, they have already forfeited their own.

If you kill off his lover or his family, you can bet he will find his retribution. Revenge never equals redemption but a reckoning brings closure.

Killing people doesn't make you evil, taking innocent lives is a choice you make and a price you pay for doing so.

You can read all about him and his exploits and just how he fits in with the Star Wars Universe on my website under the story archives.

As for the fan film "Dual Worlds", it's not pretty because I just didn't have the budget or time but it is what it is and just making it happen was all that mattered most.

Some people just can't appreciate that kind of passion.



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