Death Star Hallway Matte Painting

So I was digging through some older work of mine to see if there was anything I could post while I work on new projects and I came across an old favorite.

This is one of my older works and the only real large scale traditional painting I've done. During my time at Otis, I took a class which was a intro to matte painting and green screen effects work.

Our assignment was to make a matte painting and composite ourselves into it, in a video piece. Naturally my ambitions were always higher then my skillset at the time and I decided I wanted to painstakingly recreate as exact as possible the same hallway where Vader strikes down Obi Wan.

I filmed myself (crudely at the time, unfortunately) against a cloth green screen, so I could put together a short scene where I dressed up as my character Valaryc Versai, whom in my fan fiction was the one who found Obi Wan's lightsaber after the duel and stole it while Vader was off chasing the rebels in the Hanger Bay (where the doors close in on him and cut him off).

You can read about this here

Throughout my SW fanfiction The Versai Chronicles, Val has treasured and respected Obi Wan's ancient weapon, until he was ready to retire the relic and create his own sabers.

Incidentally my story also predates that crap in the YJK series where Ben Skywalker (I think) finds Obi Wan's lightsaber in Bast Castle which was quite possibly impossible since Vader would have had to fly across the galaxy to get it there and get back in time for the Battle of Yavin.

Anyhow, this was on a huge canvas (about the size of a movie poster) and was done entirely with traditional airbrush and masking tape. My references were stills from the VHS copy of SW: SE which proved quite challenging to piece together how everything should look.

Well I hope you like this and if you use it somewhere, please give credit where it is due.


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