Valaryc Versai - Through the Ages 1

This is #1 in a limited series I have decided to make to display Val's various costumes evolve throughout the Versai Chronicles saga. There will be a series of different outfits in this format with the same pose and background in the days to come.

In this picture, Val has been transfered to a secret Dark Jedi Academy where he is garbed in a uniform of black and gray with his only earned color being the red wrist gaurds. At this time, Val displays no insignia.

Here Val adapts for the first time, his signature sleeveless trench coat. With his fiery orange lightsaber ablaze he dueled Cire to capture 'The Prize', his cherished Versai Locket, the secret to his shadowy past.

Medium: Photoshop, Illustrator, Traditional Skills


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