Zyon - The Pale Padawan

An early request by relentlessimp;

"Small and thin with pale skin, standing only 5'5", looking to be little more than skin and bones. His face seems permanently etched by a quiet, tranquil expression, as if he is always lost in thought. His hair is stark white, hanging down to his shoulders, with a single tight braid that falls halfway down his back.

He wears the traditional Robes of the order, done in black, though it seems two sizes too large for him, and the loose sleeves and large hood - often worn up - tend to conceal his face and hands from view. He carries his twin lightsabers on his left hip, belted one under the other."

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That facial expression is so very...I dunno...Chow Yun Fat.
Very deep. Very calm.
Like an ocean full of quietly depressed tuna and the occasional lonely salmon.
Maybe an icthyosaur.
.....That was meant to be complimentary.


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