Gannis De'Nolo

Yet another old request that has been up for a while waiting for the requester to return... *sigh*
Oh well, it was fun to do and I got a bit of Cybernetics practice in. Here's part of the original description;

"He has dark brown, wavy hair that rests just to the top of his ears. Also, he always looks as though he needs to shave (think Bruce Willis...or Artemis Entreri). He is of average height and build if not a little on the strong side. His right arm is cybernetic from his upper bicep and down, but he doesn't bother covering it up with synthetic skin considering that he has his lightsaber rigged to eject from it into his hand. Though, he will wear regular clothing like jackets or gloves without any thought about it. Resting in a low-slung holder on his right side is a heavy blaster pistol. If more detail is needed, I will provide it."

Lord Crumb

I like the detail you put into the cybernetic arm. That is awesome as well as the folds in the jacket. Keep up the good work.

-LC :D


I just happened to come across this when I was messing around on Google. I had no idea anyone had actually picked this up.

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you! It looks great and I truly appreciate the effort. You rule!


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