Saira K'Liss

Oh my god someone scream knock off here! It's clearly Crymson!

Or is it?

Actually, after tinkering with a Crymson pic, I had a thought to create a new character. The reason Saira looks like Crymson is because she was her apprentice. Notice that she basically inverted her Master's attire but uses blue as her primary color in lue of green to match her eyes. She's also white skinned. Saira uses a dual bladed blue lightsaber that mirrors her master and reflects her cold heart, even though only Sith traditionally use red crystals Saira has preferred to set her own standards.

Saira survives after Crymson's demise in Deception and somewhere after the events of Resurgence: Omega she comes looking for Val's successor Lon Wol. Former Apprentices battle to decide which is event that mirrors their infamous mentors.


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