Gen Zeridian Unleashed

It's been a long journey for this particular piece and 3 different attempts at trying to get what I visualized in my head, on to paper (or the screen in this case) Here finally is the completed Gen Unleashed after months of development and frustration.

The backstory on this piece takes place in my SW novel Resurgence: Alpha where Gen battles against a powerful bounty hunter named Skorne who appears to have quite the vendetta against Valaryc Versai currently trapped in a coma. This particular scene is the climax of the battle between Gen and Skorne which takes place right after Skorne vaporizes Gen's personal lightsaber with his customized disruptor pistol.

Gen had been dead for over 25 years and her rebirth into a world that has advanced far beyond her training awakens the raging beast inside her as she unleashes her powerful and unique Force Twirl lightning in all its magenta fueled brilliance. Unlike traditional force lightning, Gen's lightning not only electifies her victim but the bolts spiral around and enare her opponent like coiled chains and continue to electrocute and torture until she sees fit, leaving her rival at her mercy.

With her lightsaber destroyed and attempt made by Skorne to assassinate her lover, Gen clearly has had enough and the ensuing attack forces him to flee for his life, leading to a whole other conflict.

I decided to make a new background as well that reflects the damage Skorne has created, riddling the metallic walls and floors with carbon scoring from his pulse pistol and evidence of Gen's former lightsaber shearing into the floor.


"Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn." Thrice that when weaponless and backed into a corner...

That said, don't ever cross a force wielding female. Definite & brutal ouch for Skorne...

Love the added detailing of the burn marks in the scene. Talk about a whole other conflict there, the inner type once pushed to those extremes. When you stop to look and think about it in a picture like this, with a bit of backstory explained, the type of impact happening in this scene is what really gives this picture a whole new range of depth.

Bravo Val, bravo.


It was a very emotional encounter. Old school vs New Technology and in this case, New Techology won. It represents a turning point in Gen Zeridian's life...everything she was in the past had to change or she would have to die.

Gen eventually crafted a new lightsaber, sported a new outfit, did a hell of a lot of research and in the end took back the victory that was stolen from her.



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