Sadik and Triss - Fight on Felucia

Another scene featuring Trisskar and Sadik of the Bladeborn;

....Transferring his weight to one leg he hooked the other one across hers. Knocking her feet out from under her. The loss of her legs holding her up combined with him pushing had her landing on her back, with Sadik close behind with his sword as his free hand grabbed for her wrists. The blade skidded over the lightsaber as he turned it to it stabbed into the ground dangerously close to the kitten's throat.

The pair landed with Sadik straddling her, a gentle yet strong grip on her wrists keeping the saber held while the other rested on the hilt of his sword. His sheath laying on the ground nearby where he had dropped it.

He gave a smile then down at her. "Try doing that with a saber little kitten. One should fight with their whole body, not just their saber"

Sadik stood up then, pulling the sword from the ground and offering a hand to help the girl up. "I believe I failed to mind my manners. Sadik of the Bladeborn." He stated, as if that answered all the questions she might have.


Bad touch? :P Naw, just kidding.

I really like this one; a moment in time, obviously in the middle - or end? - of a heated duel, but like a real director, as an artist you've captured the subtext of the scene. Judging from the words spoken, the whole scene is something other than just another fight, right? Or am I wrong? And is that a moustache?

Anyway. My favorite thing in this particular pic: her eyes. Very expressive.


The battle was actually just a friendly duel. Triss couldn't believe that Sadiks sword could deflect her saber blade. After all...Saber vs Metal?? >_> So Sadik's offers her a chance to test her theory and she accepted, both entering into a duel that ended as you see here in this pic. Needless to say...Triss found out that it is indeed possible for certain metals to deflect sabers and learned that, had it not been a friendly duel, she would of ended up with a sword through her throat for her serious miscalculation. :-p

Lord Crumb

Kewl! The tension yet fun part is obivous in the pic but she has the left hand free. She should hit him with a Force Push blowing him across the room unless this is the position she wants to be in to begin with. Love knows no boundaries.

-LC :-)


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