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This is the forum for all your Character needs. Please make your requests detailed and simple to read. Make them interesting so that it inspires the artists.

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Hey there, I'm looking for a character of Lemurian Starseed. Something like the image below. From what I've read, they're described as having really distinctive features. Have you heard anything about that? What kinds of traits are often associated with their appearance? 


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So, pairing off with a twi'lek engineer who makes her living refurbishing guns, Is "Kazoo" the Talz warrior. As Twi'lek have so many restrictions, he is only in the most technical senses her 'owner' when it need arise. Otherwise, this 8 foot cottonball swore a lifedebt to her father who had it transferred to his daughter instead. Because of the obscure rules in place, he often carries her weapons for her, so everyone seeing this 4 eyed wampa walking in with a rotary cannon on his back, but no one knows its on a quick release for HER to take it from him primed and ready to go.

Vyi Jallen jedi padawan of the high republic. Exceptional tall for his species stand at 6'8. He carries his saber on special sheath on his back (think Rahm Kota style) due to his large size Vyi favors Form V of lightsaber combat. His lightsaber is longer blade (hand and half in length but not as long as great saber)

If you interested in doing a drawing let me know and help give more details. Think of my profile picture as sort inspiration. 

I need a picture done of my oc Crimson and his daughter. Crimson is human, and Natiya is a Togruta/human hybrid descriptions as follows.


-lean muscular build

-height of 5 foot 11 inches

-cybernetic arms replacement colored black with gold detail

-medium fade with goatee beard

-black hair

-scratch etched on right hand between thumb and index finger

Natiya(oc's daughter):

-pink skin

-navy blue hair

-white marking on face

-age 4

Hi, it was recommended that i come here to see if i can get some help with my Sith character of mine from a Sith RP group I am in. He's a Shistavanen Sith Master. I have a basic pic that i see him as but it seems not quite at what i see him as. If i can get some help that would be great.

Dear all lovely artists of this fine guild i have a character request.Zed a member of the near human species the Miraluka. all born with no eyes but can see with the force si wear veils or coverings over eyes. He is a force sencesetive and a member of the Luka Sene and also of Noble Birth. He is a force user but not a Jedi. (I chose noble class). he is on a prolonged sabbatical from his studies he is a keen Martial artist of Teräs Käsi. often wearing combat gloves to compliment his noble fashion which is often practical but stylish. he has long flowing white hair often in a top knot.