A modern barbarian

So, pairing off with a twi'lek engineer who makes her living refurbishing guns, Is "Kazoo" the Talz warrior. As Twi'lek have so many restrictions, he is only in the most technical senses her 'owner' when it need arise. Otherwise, this 8 foot cottonball swore a lifedebt to her father who had it transferred to his daughter instead. Because of the obscure rules in place, he often carries her weapons for her, so everyone seeing this 4 eyed wampa walking in with a rotary cannon on his back, but no one knows its on a quick release for HER to take it from him primed and ready to go. His main weapon is a heavy shotgun (preferably 3 barrels with a bayonet spike in the middle) and his armor is a mix of practical but unorthodox, the usual armor plates and belts/straps to hold them in place, but no bodystocking or undersuit of the armor, just belts and plates and white fur. 

In SW5e terms, he is a ballistic approach berserker with shotguns as his favored weapon and a total damage sponge wearing medium armor as basically half plate over his fluffy body.basic idea


Are you looking for someone to do this still. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at it.


Has anyone done Knighthawks Twilek gunsmith/wielder (indicated above)? sounds like an interesting character.