Darth Feros Character Art???

I'm looking for someone to commission to make art of my original character. Sinec Tinople referred me here. I'm hoping someone can help, and I am more than willing to pay for the art! Thank you. 




To elaborate, Feros is in his mid 30s or so. He has a long scar running across his right cheek. He's about 1.95m tall, and 92.98kg, most of it raw muscle. His hair is red-brown, dreads and braids, and normally pulled back in a pony tail. He wears black robes and a black chest plate, much like his grandfather, Darth Caedus. His left eye is a cybernetic prosthetic that mimics his right eye, which is emerald green. Being a Hapan, even though scarred Feros is handsome, with high cheek bones and a slender nose that ends in a button. He usually wears a black traveler's robe over his normal robes. If whoever decides to pick this up, if I'm lucky and anyone does, wants to message me, I am 100% able to provide reference pictures. Thank you!





An initial, brief description would help get good candidates to help (including me!) with your request. 

Then more in depth visual descriptions and even character persona. If it's an rpg character, some highlights of her/his game story that were milestones in their current paths.