A Night on Zeltros

Most of our crew got tired of running errands for the Jedi after a while and decided to take a weekend getaway on Zeltros (except Lyder, of course). A little over a month had passed since Narruna and Lyder broke up, but she was still feeling the pain and sought comfort in the arms of a Zeltron sabacc dealer (see the image with that title in my gallery). Lyder found out about it later and got so mad that he left the crew for a while to spend time on his home planet. Jace met a feisty pilot named Becca (see "Human Pilot") who became his girlfriend for the rest of the campaign, though it was a long distance relationship as she refused to give up her own ship to come with us. Jo'luk, meanwhile, decked out in his flashiest duds, somehow managed to become the target in a bounty-hunter contest and spent the entire vacation running for his life. The bounty hunter hottest on his tail, as you can guess, was a crazy female that he hooked up with later.


While there are aspects of Narruna that must be fun to draw, it looks like you always have a blast drawing Jo'luk.