Small Rebel Crew

Ex Republic Navy Capt. Lenar Jayden and the crew of his GR-75 medium commercial Transport.

His CargoMaster Droid is 'EZ-9T', which he customized from spare parts of various scavanged droids.

The Twi'lek girl is 'Mogra 'shak' whom Capt. Jayden rescued as a youngling, but neither yet know about her 'Force' abilities.

His small rigging droids have been 'liberated', re-assembled and reprogrammed from their original duty as 'buzz droids'. They handle and secure cargo pallets and containers and have compact tractor fields built in.

Characters personas belong to 'unusualsuspex' as per his request.


Mate I've been out of circulation for a while due to illness and who knows what, and with the site being down for a while this is my first visit back. And Ifind....

WOW!! This is wonderful thank you very much! Kudos and much more to you my friend :)


Hey, I'm redoing this piece because in hindsight something bothers me about how the skipper looks, The Twi'lek Padawan and re-purpose droids are staying the same (except for a new, different coat of paint!) I'll still have a copy of the original on my files if anyone needs it. Hope this is OK with you unusualsuspex and hope you are in good health!   EDIT: 10/26/19 New piece (Essentially. Some of the old drawings were reused but everything was re-colored)