Small rebel crew request [aenid31]

Hi, am brand new to the request business so forgive me if I transgress :)

I wondered if any of you excellent artists could provide me with a small crew for a Gallofree GR-75 medium transport
which was appropriated from the Imperial Navy around 19BBY and turned into a commercial transport (with hidden goodies!)

Captain - Lenar Jayden - Human Mid to late thirties, fit (ex Republic Navy) with a small scar on his left temple.
Dresses smartly but casually with a discrete blaster. 6 fett tall with light hair and dark brown eyes. Now operates a legitimate cargo haulage company that performs many of its jobs for the rebel alliance.

EZ-9T Bit of a hodgepodge droid that Jayden has put together but not at all tatty! Doubles as cargo master and astromech so has several identical appendages that he uses to climb between the crates rigging with multi-tool attachments. Approx as tall as a human but twice as wide.

Permanent 'passenger' - Mogra 'shak (Twi'lek Female) Rescued by Jayden as a youngling, she's the closest thing he has to family. They're currently both unaware that she's force sensitive. Light blue with slightly mottled lekku, she stands about a foot shorter than Jayden and also carries a blaster alongside her ubiquitous tool belt.

Rigging Droids - small, crab like droids that are used to secure cargo pallets/containers with rigging or tractor fields. About the size of a football, they're fast, agile and somewhat stupid :)

Big ask isn't it? I would be eternally grateful if anybody can help me with this, and it's not for an RPG :) It's for a series of short stories set around the time of the Rebel Alliance.

In return, may I direct you towards where my somewhat humble Star Wars art lives. If anybody needs anything like you can find there ledt me know :)

Many thanks for reading this!