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"I don't know, I think it would be better if this council decided against having this new candidate into the Jedi order" Georee Ideoala-kin muttered while reviewing his datapad. Skilled he is in some ancient arts. Arts that are nearly extinct..." "Outposts cannot be defended by dying arts.." "Hmmm.., nearly full is our roster. The power balance has shifted. No longer is the border in peril from Dark Forces. I agree, better to secure with assets we hold" came from behind a small cloaked figure shuffling out a doorway. With that exit, the gathered council looked at each other and slowly closed their datapads. Meanwhile, several hundred parsecs away.. "..Why! Should we enlist this volunteer into our Great Empire?! his record as you see.." The uniformed officer pointed at the displayed hologram emanating from the center of the vast oval, table. "..shows no true grasp of villainous ambition!" "He has only dipped his foot into the Dark side and apparently, it is not to his liking." a mechanical like exhaust that came from a masked and cloaked figure so dark that he appeared like a silhouette who's' contours moved ever so slightly. "..Not even harming so much as a tarquelian rat.." A close cropped officer looked up. "Even Jedi take quiet pride in permanently removing any followers of the Sith order, what good is he to us?" "Maybe Sector Cadeusas, but I doubt that he would pass the dozen of required medicinal interrogation courses" The standing Officer mediating the inquiry uttered into his hand while his index finger stroked his mustache. His other hand extended towards the holograph display, flicking his hand at the wrist, the hologram dissipated.

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