Scarecrow; Ex-Clone Trooper/Merc.

Scarecrow; Ex-Clone Trooper/Merc.

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Here is Scarecrow in his civilian attire.

These are very rough concept sketches only, so don't mind the bad proportions and fuzzy detail here & there. Most importantly, his face doesn't really represent a Jango clone yet - I doodled the first image while at work and had no immediate reference material for the face. For now I am just trying to nail down the look of his outfit & hairstyle. Weapons will also be better detailed in a final drawing.

I hope its obvious enough, I have drawn the thin-suit draped around his neck. I don't think it would be too large or baggy since it would be a tight fit to his head when pulled on. I made his undershirt kind of in the style of a padawan wrap, I may change that... I've also added knee-pad armour, I think he'd appreciate it doing the work he does [he may be kneeling down planting bombs in his civvies sometimes, not always when armoured up?]. And I hope the hairstyle works - I thought that since he is a clone, he'd be using some of that long hair to try and hide his features a bit, but I like the look of a loose top-drawn ponytail. And a bit of facial hair growth, too.

Because the character has special training in demolitions & equipment maintenance, I thought it appropriate for him to have multiple storage for tools & little parts etc, thus the backpack and clip on pouch belt. I am an Industrial Maintenance Electrician myself, and I always have a variety of tools stuffed in pockets while at work in addition to my tool pouch.

Tetsuoh, do you have something specific in mind for the Scythe symbol? I was thinking of incorporating it on the shoulder lapels of the jacket. I think I will be doing a second drawing of him in armor too, I need some ideas for the symbol on it.

Feb 8th/2011 - added another rough concept sketch, this time for his composite armour suit.

Feb 9th/2011 - added final pencil drawing for Scarecrow in his Composite armour.

Feb 24th/2011 - added final marker rendering.

Mar 15th/2011 - deleted the last post [bad proportions!] and added a greyscale final marker version with his head fixed [I hope].

April 4th/2011 - added base color render.

April 9th 2012 - rendered hair in blonde, as he was meant to be.

So when are we seeing some more from you??? Love your work.

Added a pic of the shamefully simple digital colouring I did under the original marker drawing, just for fun :)

@Casca - thanks!! Hopefully I will be able to get more done around here - got a lot going on on the side, though.

The final pic can be viewed here:


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