Peeroni The Gotal negotiation

Peeroni The Gotal negotiation

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Super early sketch of Terros Bade ( ) recruting a new member to his team. A trained Gotal, it is rumored, can track a target through space. Sure hope it's true. Peeroni has kids.

loose color added


Gotal Head and shoulders shaded and some light.

We don't see enough Gotal characters! like the coloring and dynamics of this piece so far!

Nice, I like the coloring!

Very interesting to see your process. I admit, I am very jealous of the style.

I would love to have a style. On paper I have two. Way overly detailed Bic pensil shading and 80's comic book. This Photo shop is so different I just kind of I might put a sketch, might not. May have a clean line trace, may not. sometimes I just start on an eye with no plans and go....those are my favorites.

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