Alien sketches - WIP

Sorry for being gone so long! I've finally made some headway on this request by jerster

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Hunting Season

Hunting Season

Been in a real creative funk. 

Desperately trying to crawl my way out of it.

Here's what I'm working on.

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ilya Sevarisk

Another Player Character in the clan.  The eldest brother.

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Another Player Character brother of the Sevarisk Mandalorian Clan.
It feels like it's been a long time.  Hopefully I still remember how this all works. This is work on a charcter pic for one of my players in the Mandalorian game I've been running.   He recently gained enough honour in the eyes of the clan to be allowed to wear his mother's kama that he inherited and has kept in her honour.  So he's pretty proud of that accomplishment.  His mother died when he was just a teen but she was, by the accounts of everyone he's talked to, a warrior not to be on the wrong side of.
Rodian Hunter Done
Hey Folks, This is my first blog post here and I'm using it to show you my next work in progress and asking for some feedback. Here is a Rodian Hunter, I've got no back story on him yet, it was really just for fun. What does everybody think? Should I make any changes before I ink? Suggestions for backgrounds or additions to the image? Criticism or comments? UPDATE The inked version of the hunter is ready; next stop colour. UPDATE 2 Flat colour. FINAL Ta-Da
Kashyyyk Landing
Feeling weird about abandoning my usual, goofy style, I have set off to tell a story that (somehow) was inspired by an entire weekend of a "The Best of Three Dog Night" album.  Seriously, I don't see the connection either. Anyway, I'm gonna dump some teasers atcha, right here.
Debating the Explosion. Like the dynamics of it, but....should he just be in a cloud of smoke? Idunno.
Start to a request...Little bit before bed.
Super early sketch of Terros Bade ( http://www.swagonline.net/image/terro-bade ) recruting a new member to his team. A trained Gotal, it is rumored, can track a target through space. Sure hope it's true. Peeroni has kids.