Delusional Droid "Jedi" [JawaStu]

Hi there

I would love a picture of a character i have thought up,

In short:
a former lightsaber combat training droid driven a bit mad by the Jedi purge that now thinks himself a Jedi complete with force powers of so he thinks,

physical description:
a large hooded Jedi robe (that he believes disguises him) with his obviously in organic frame showing through the fabric,
possibly instead of "arms" training lightsaber attachments
should have at least one "hand"
i imagine the option of dual lightsaber and dual bladed saber training options
I would prefer a non human looking droid type I am not really looking for C-3PO in a robe but should be about man sized and probably not be tracked,
a hover droid may allow him to think he can float with the force
feel free to invent a droid type

Longer description:
during the clone wars most of the Jedi were acting as generals for the GAR leaving many young ones needing training, enter the D-4S seres droid. Designed primarily as a lightsaber combat training droid they could also assist young ones on simple force principles, Jedi history, crafting lightsabers, and such.

When a master was to occupied to assist his Padawan he would say use D-four's

My Droid was present at the Jedi temple during Vaders slaughter and felt helpless to save his young charges, Vader not seeing him as a threat let him be.
The trauma left the droid a little crazy and now believes he is a Jedi and has donned a robe with a hood (that clearly reveals his angular non organic frame under the fabric) and with a training saber he hides from the Jedi purge fearing his death attempting to force persuade any official of imperial that seems to pay too much attention to him.

Typical encounter:

Stormtrooper: excuse me I... oh you're a droid
D-4S : *you don't need to see my identification*
Stormtrooper: (nods) I don't need to see you identification
D-4S : *You have no reason to stop me*
Stormtrooper : (confused) I have no reason to stop you
D-4S : *I am not a Jedi*
Stormtrooper: (nods) You are not a Jedi
D-4S : *I may move along*
Stormtrooper: MOVE ALONG DROID BEFOER I.....

Thanks for any interest


Ooh! This sounds Fun!....


Ok, so I am kinda busy with work at the moment and with the holidays approaching I may not be able to give this my full attention immediately, but if you don't mind waiting until a couple of weeks into the new year I'll take this for you. :)

Random Jedi

Yes Thanks JawaStu I love your work so it would be great to see your image of my droid, I don't mind the wait I may not get to play him for a while anyway since I usually run the games.

Thanks again JawaStu, looking forward to it.