Delusional Droid "Jedi" - WIP

Delusional Droid "Jedi" - WIP

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First sketch for a request from Random Jedi.
I'm designing the droid before I work the cloak over it's frame. My inspiration is the SP-4 and JN-66 Analysis Droids from Ep2. The thought being that the Jedi Order commissioned the training droids from the same source and consequently use similar parts and design.

*Update - 2nd January 2008* Added some work in progress shots. The rough lines for the robes, the finished pencils for the droid frame and the start of the colouring progress. I'll probably complete the robes last of all as a seperate layer over the finished frame so I can display the droid with or without them.

*Update - 5th January 2008* The droid's frame is more or less complete at this stage, working with the reflective chrome and gold-plated metal has certainly been very challenging, but also great fun and I'm mostly happy with it... However, I'm not going to show you that just yet, you'll have to wait for the finished image!
What I will show you though is my first efforts with colouring the robes. These are proving even more difficult than I first thought, perhaps even more so than the chromed metal. Trying to get the right feel and weight of the material is tricky, especially where it hangs over the hard edges of the droid frame.

WAY COOL! Awesome Concept JawaStu! I can't wait to see it done!

Thats one cool looking droid. Cant wait to see the final piece.
Wish I would have thought this one up.

omg that looks fantastic, you have blown me away that is so much better that i could even imagine!
Thanks soo much JawaStu

sorry just another thought it seems a waste to put all your fantastic work under a big robe so if it is not too much trouble it would be great to have a finished image of him without robe (a kind of pre mental break down version)
I only think of it now that i see you have done such a fantastic job of the droid.

Do you think the devil would accept my soul to have your skills?

Hey thanks Random, glad you like it. I was considering doing two separate versions of the droid, with and without cloak, so that shouldn't be a problem. :)

Looks great so far, Stu!

Wow stu, that looks great. The chrome is really looking good! I can't wait to see the finals.


Great WIP Blog! Love the way you brought the concept to life!

Yeah, so I seem to start all my posts with "WOW" but at least it's well earned! I'm really loving the looking and feel of the material on this. I think the texture is looking really spectacular and fits the droid and concept well. Way to go, what a great image. I can't wait to see the unrobed droid, but I'm pretty sure that the robed one will be my favorite, how can you argue with a droid jedi?


The color version is amazing! This just keeps getting better. Is it a hovering droid?


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