Valaryc Versai - Through the Ages 2

Without a doubt this is the most complex piece of art I have ever had to do to date simply because the whole costume I hand drew then painstakingly remade with the pen tool in Illustrator. This is #2 of the series and features Val's very first customized suit of armor.

Having lost his true love and burned the Dark Jedi Academy to the ground, Val swore vengeance upon Krevlin tracking him down aboard the first Death Star. It is here that Val first witnesses both Obi Wan and Vader dueling in a corridoor. After the battle, Val walks in and takes Obi Wan's ANH lightsaber and his destiny begins anew.

Forced to endure the harsh realities of being alone without purpose and disgusted with The Empire, Val constructed his custom armor from both his old Scout Trooper uniform and pieces of an ancient Mandalorian suit to don his attire as a full fledged, armed to the teeth Bounty Hunter during the classic trilogy.

His insignia reflects his views of the Empire's twisted ways by taking their very logo and distorted it into a blood red symbol to instill fear into those who attempt to challenge his abilities.

At this point Val remained loyal only to himself. Alliances were temporary and easily broken at his discretion.

His weapons included:

Obi Wan's ANH lightsaber
Wirst Mounted Energy Deflector (right)
Dual Barrel Blaster Unit (left)
Trident Dart Knee Pad Launchers
VR-1 Dual barrel blaster/pulse rifle combo with removable stock (in holster)
Three thermal detonators
Personal Shield Belt Unit
Kick Spikes

Medium: Photoshop, Illustrator, Traditional Skills


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