Val and Gen - Lover's Embrace.

Here trapped within eternity beyond all reasonable reality with a looming blue planet in the background, Val and Gen embrace in the most passionate forms of their love for one another, surrendering to each other. With new outfits doned and their sleeveless trench coats clutched/draped in their hands, their destiny awaits.

It is always darkest before the dawn but in this fraction of time, the two star crossed lovers capture the moment before heading into battle against opponents they have yet to the end, love must prevail over darkness or all is lost.

I decided to use a powerful but simple background so it would not distract the eye from the main subjects. You might recall that the type faces and the planet are the same composition as my 'Gen Fight' picture. I did this on purpose to show that while they both have their single images, this is the first time since the forest picture they have come together again at last.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do! Definately one of my new favorites in my portfolio. Val and Gen are also dressed in their Omega attire.

(Omega is my online SW fanfic novel)

Medium: Traditional, Photoshop.


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