VC Omega Poster

This is the explosive and radiant debute of the VC: Resurgence Omega poster! If you are not aware, it is my final Star Wars fanfiction novel which closes the book on five years of writing the Versai legacy.

As the images imply it is a dark time for all of those involved in Q2's twisted game and the fate of the galaxy and their lives depend on the one man who must face the darkness of the Slayer within and overcome it...or it truely is, the end of all things.

You'll notice while this is a SW fanfic poster, it has no lightsabers. I chose this because I really want the characters to dominate the background, all connected to the gradual destruction of the Versai Crest.

Counter Clockwise from the left - Skorne, Elixis (Denise Richards), Lon, Val, Sara (Tara Reid - Urban Legends), Gen (Natasha Henstridge - Species), and Terra(Jessica Alba - Dark Angel). Center stage is Q2 and above the intimidating golden eyes of the Jedi Slayer.

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Medium: Photoshop, Illustrator, Graphite. Photo sources of Actresses as credited above, all others are original.


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