Lyder, a Jedi slipping to the Dark Side

This is my rendition of one of the characters in my group. He is a jedi named Lyder, who had an anger management problem long before he became a jedi, but seemed to get better the more he meditated and trained. However, in order to save his girlfriend, Narruna (a twi'lek female), he accepted strength from the dark side a few times. It got worse as time went on, and eventually led to an intervention. With the help of his jedi friends, he fought off the Dark Side after a huge ordeal.

Unfortunately, he and Narruna broke up, and he began showing dark tendencies again, closing in on himself and pulling away from the group. At the end of the campaign, he had rejoined the group after a soul-searching sabbatical, and was trying to mend his friendship with Narruna, who wanted none of it.

Here is Lyder at his darkest moment.