Jo'luk, human fringer

This is my character, Jo'luk. He was a fringer who spent much of his life wandering the galaxy working for one ship or another doing mindless work, with little purpose. Typically, he'd wake up on a ship, not remembering how he got there, stay on for a few trips, then wake up somewhere else.

He is from a near-human species that requires alcohol to survive. In game terms, so long as he was properly inebriated, all his stats were normal, but if he was unable to drink, he started receiving penalties to his rolls.

His early years were spent at a Gamorrean orphanage, where survival was a daily trial. He led a jailbreak, was one of the few who made it past the lasers and minefields, and spent the next few years living in the streets of some forgotten city somewhere.

His only distinguishing mark is a strange tattoo on the back of his hand, but after a few years of gaming, the GM did next to nothing with that potentially major plot thread.

He joined the crew of the Emerald Lightning, and has stayed with that group for longer than any other crew. He had many adventures, but doesn't remember most of them.

He has a child (only one that he knows about...there could be more depending on the GM) with another character turned NPC after the player left the group, but he's on the run from her with their kid, because she's pretty crazy. His different girlfriends have varying reactions when they first meet his son, Jo Jr.


Haha, that's a great picture! Looks like a beer ad, and the bottle tattoo on his shoulder really tops it off.

My GM once introduced an NPC character who was a "drunken master" at Sabaac. That is, he was really good at it only when properly inebriated; I don't know if he was penalized for being sober, or just got bonuses for being drunk, but it was a hilarious plot point.


I love all your latest stuff! The Humor is great! Great Character Concepts! I especially get a warm fuzzy feeling from the wookiee pulling Jo'luk from the cave. Great story.


Well, I talked the GM into giving me an extra feat if I took a flaw like that, and it worked. He was able to use anything he could grab as an improvised 1d6 melee weapon (+1 to hit) during the first round he used it. That involved a lot of throwing chairs and beer mugs during bar fights until he could get behind cover and start blasting. It was pretty effective during the low level games, but grew less so as our enemies gained in power.