Ubese Ape [Request]

From UnnaturalGas' request for a headless, eyeless watchdog space-ape! Hope it fits the bill. When he gave the nod for antennae or the like, I decided to also add a tonne of whiskers! The antennae can offer whatever sort of sensory information you'd like it to pick up... whether it's an analogue of scent or sight or whathaveyou. And then lots and lots of whiskers to assist in touch, picking up vibration, just... extending the sphere of tactile awareness around the creature. Something like a cat judging the size of a gap it's about to crawl through, but all over its body.

Hope it fits the bill, and stops your creatures getting called 'mankeys'!!


I... I like this thing. My eyes kept trying to find a face in the scrunched up protrustion between its shoulders. For whatever reason it reminds me of that like... big... red... fur monster from the old Looney Toons cartoon.


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