Ord Mantell Group Portrait

Just a bit of fun here, aha, a group portrait of the squad in its entirety, PCs and NPCs included, from way back when we were leaving Ord Mantell. A lot of stuff has gone down since then.

Featuring (left-to-right, back-to-front):

Omega, as featured in our original campaign, but now existing as a 'voice in our heads' that can only be seen by those of us created by Palpatine's brilliant experiment.

Rakata, aka Sad Fish, creepiest rakata ever to have creeped.

Monk, our Gen'dai 'muscle' who now assists the team remotely.

Ace Rimmer, crack pilot, what a guy.

Evi, our little Fosh chicken, bald at the time, eating a carrot, riding Ora (aka her varactyl 'mom').

Ceelo, gungan merc, on his trusty bantha steed, Rugor Rab-Po.

My gorgeous girl, Jak, shapeshifting Shistavanen scout extraordinnaire.

Doctor Wylluf Q Lokhin, who at this stage we had no clue why he left his lucrative job to join us or just how many issues he had.

Tendaji, the most frustrated pureblood Sith on the face of the galaxy, with tiny little rage fists.

Khol, Massassi, loyal follower who just vonts his burd. RIP, Khol. You were a great NPC.

Equisha. RIP, Equisha. Horse, Doctor, friend. That's her chainsaw BEFORE it was mounted to a gatling gun, bayonet-style. What even.

And finally, little Fix't the Verpine, who found this weird crystal that would stick to EVERYTHING that he ended up tying to his waist and dragging around for a few sessions.


Looks like a LOT of fun Tuss... If I ever get into actual PnP roleplaying I want a group like yours.


Aaahh I still love this, I will never be able to unsee Fix'ts eye though XD


This is great Tusserk. The mass of strange and wonderful characters you can accumulate in a Star Wars game is always fun and your group looks especially fun :D