[In the aftermath of Toaster combining with his old personality to become the Shard Jedi Master Shan Xe, and Klopan abandoning the Squad, and an incident in which Attichuk and Tusserk end up screaming at one another over the body of a slaughtered Jawa, Tusserk decided that he needed a break. He told the squad that he needed to separate himself from the group for a while, take some time to center himself. Shan Xe suggests they travel to Illum for some hardcore meditating. [OOC; Christmas 2009! The game gets put on hold for a few weeks, and in the meantime we get to have our own separate adventures conferring with the GM via email!] Before they disperse Nimeq catches Tusserk for a bit of conversation...]

Nimeq looked down, running a finger through the dirt, making swirls and nonsense symbols as she thought. "Attichuk... Lonar told me what happened with the Jawa. She was wrong to act as she did, and I'll talk to her about it. But I came to talk to you. I've been meaning to for a while, but either we don't have time, or I'm not alone, or you're not alone... I just wanted to try and make things better. The Klopan thing...I was against it, and I would have fought you over it... but I understand why you were doing it. I understand that as a Jedi you have a code to live by, and that it means a lot to you. But that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to live by it too. I've said it before, this Force-bond we have, I never wanted it. I've accepted it, because it's a part of me that I can't change, and because it's helped me to heal people. And it's given me the past year with everyone." Nimeq raised her head defiantly, squarely meeting Tusserks eyes, "But I am not a Jedi, and I do not follow their code."

Tusserk let Nimeq speak without interruption, and his Force-presence hardened a little at the mention of Klopan. The Trandoshan made no effort to mask it, letting the connection between himself and the Zabrak rest plain and open.

Just as openly, he met Nimeq's defiant gaze. So many thoughts, so many words, so many defences lay right on the tip of Tusserk's tongue, and it was clearly very difficult for him to sort through then to find a starting point. "I..." he took another deep breath. "I understand what you're saying. And while I... don't expect you... any of you... to live as Jedi, I do believe that the Code is something that should be followed by anyone gifted with a connection to the Force. You..." he hesitated for a moment, and stared down into his drink. "You actually follow Jedi tenets more closely than you realise, I think."

'..gifted with a connection..' There was a flash of contempt from Nimeq at this sentiment. The Zabrak closed her eyes, as if willing herself to do something. This wasn't how she had wanted this conversation to go. She raised a hand her forehead wearily.

"Tusserk...this is so stupid...we'll be talking circles round each other all day at this rate." Nimeq stood, and moved as if to leave, but then turned back abruptly and caught the trandoshan in a hug, arms around his scaly neck. "I only wanted to make sure you'd be coming back. That you wanted to come back. I want you to come back. You and that stupid rock as well."


Awesome, dude!
Love the story - love the look of 'WTF?!' on his face!

Only thing I might add by way of critical input is that I suspect the green on Tusserk's left arm has dropped off for some reason...
(don't like to poke holes - otherwise a brilliant piece!)


Hahaha!! The brown arm is actually quite purposeful, as odd as it looks. Actually, my biggest problem when drawing Tuss from this era in his life is to actually remember to do the arm brown- it got ripped off by a drunk wookiee this one time, and the GM decided to roll a die to see how it would grow back! (Basing his logic on the fact that sometimes whacky things happen when skinks regrow lost tails, sometimes ending up with extra tails or different colours!) And so, Tuss ended up with a shiny new tan arm. :P

(But thanks for pointing it out anyway! I mean if it actually WAS a genuine error I'd much appreciate it!)


I thought it was just an effect of the two suns playing tricks on my eyes... Nice piece!



Haha. XD The incident with the wookiee happened about four months into the game, I think? And roughly co-incided with the time when Tuss gave up the stormtrooper armour for good, and re-started his formal training as a Jedi.

(Nowadays he's not green at all, haha! Aside from his new robes. But I'm not up to that yet in my vague re-telling of our glorious campaign...!!)


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