Sir Velen

Watercolors on watercolor paper. This image is a commission from one of our players of his character, Sir Velen, a Tapani noblemen. 


Is that traditional+scan? I've having trouble imagining having the patiences to texturing digital that much. In any event, wonderful work.



Looks great but y'know what's weird? I've had the image of a character stuck in my head for the past few days that looks almost exactly like this guy.

Are you reading my mind Jynxie?


Looovely watercolours!

The face is reminding me of someone, and I am having so much trouble putting my finger on it!


aaahhh such a lovely pattern you've put into the coat there, even as a thumbnail it looks so nice


Originally I was asked to make the character look like a cross between a youthfull Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. The main picture I used was of Orlando simply because he was younger, though I did have to deviate from it quite a bit since I wasn't comfortable using his exact likeness. So this is the result of a bunch of sketches of online picture references degraded down to one quick drawing done without looking at anything at all. The watercolor didn't take me too long to do as this piece is rather small in real life, maybe 7x11 inches or so. 

And to answer your question this is all traditional watercolor, including the pattern on the coat which I made up entirely since I couldn't find a good ref pic of the pattern I had in mind. Once I scanned it in there was very little I had to do to make it look like the original piece. The reason some of my traditional pieces have that obvious background is because I am using a cheaper paper, which also allows me to reduce the cost of my commissions. 


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