Young Reon Vo

A younger, gentler Reon Vo, compared to the now 20yr old Rebel Major and Demolitions Engineer.

This is a quick 20 minute sketch I did in pencil.

(This is a flashback in time that my RP character Jynx had in transit back to Barab I, her current home.)

A young noble sits on a balcony ledge, her long black hair cascading down around her shoulders, tiny pearl and diamond star flowers clipped throughout her hair. She wears a long white gown with an emblazoned crest in silver on the breast. Behind her an older woman begins fussing with her hair, removing the clips and placing them gingerly into a small black velvet box.

"Reon, come away from the cold, you'll get sick, my dear" the older woman coos.

"But the night is so beautiful, Nana" the girl speaks. "And I'm not cold" she shifts, her bare feet peeking out from under the hem of her night gown. She twirls a white and red lily between her fingers, bringing it up to her face to take in the scent. Beyond in the garden below more of their kind dot the dark emerald foliage.

"Reon" a harsher voice speaks from deeper back in the room. A middle aged woman stands, folding a robe over her arms. She is tall and regal, her dark hair tiered on top of her head, dressed in a deep red gown of silk, not for sleeping in. "Your father an I buy you such beautiful things and look at how you take care of them!" she chides, placing the robe on the bed. Walking closer she pauses and looks down at her daughter with steely eyes. " Look at you, where are your slippers? Silvie, if she catches a cold it'll be your hide!"

Allowing her nurse to pull her away from the window and into the room, the older woman fetches the slippers for Reon, apologizing to her mistress and madam.

"You can leave us for the moment" Reon's mother speaks.

"Nana hasn't combed my hair" Reon protests.

"Reon, you're a grown girl now, you can manage for yourself. I think it's time we let Silvie attend some other child."Lyta Vo snaps. She fidgets about the room, moving things around on the vanity to her liking. He watches her daughter from the mirror. Twin images, one old,one young, one sharp, one soft. Shaking her head, she speaks. "You're debutant is days away, you can't afford to get sick. You should be excited, Avery has agreed to take your hand for the evening."

Turning sharply around, her mother studies her like sculpture before purchase. "The Linets are well respected and highly favored in the core. I want you to spend some time with Avery, not with those stol of theirs. I want the best, can't you see that? Avery and his connections can take you somewhere."

"But I don't love him, mother" Reon says.

A cold stare from her mother, Reon looks away. "Love doesn't matter, Reon. It doesn't keep a roof over your head, food on the table, nice clothes in your wardrobe." Stepping closer, she grasps her daughter's chin and tilts her head up to look into her face. "Be of some use to this family, Reon. A lot of teenagers apply for positions as aids to senators such as myself, and I would appreciate it if you actually tried to be useful while you are in my presence. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to see to your father for the evening. We all cast a lot in this life, you need to learn yours."


Erm, how do I put this delicately.

"Man she's got great breasts for a young un".

Ok probably not like that, but daaaaaaamn!


very nice work.

also, what @50stone said.


My first thought was 'Does her mother know she dresses like that?', then I read the flashback and it all made more sense.


Wow, great sketch! The detail is really good and her expression is perfect. I'm not the first to say it, but it reminds me of the disney style as well. Not a bad thing in this case.

Lord Crumb

Yeah, there must be some MEGA growth hormones in the food of the Star Wars Universe to get a bust that big on one so young. Why didn't Princess Leia get any of that food? HA HA HA. Just kidding it looks great.

-LC :-)


Great art work, great character name, great chararacter synopsis. You write as beautifully as you draw.

Dranubis should talk about an interesting style, very exotic pose.
Innocent and sexy. Hard to pull off both! With the eyes and button
nose. Tight!


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