Shi'Mor is a Shi'Do, a shapeshifter. He's just transformed from Wookie to human in this illustration. He carries a quarterstaff and is described as being a "Force-platform".
requested by IronRaptor.

This was done with pencils and markers. I personally thought this was waaaay easier than using PS, lol. I added a little blue glow and some floating rocks to (hopefully) convey a sense that he was strong in the Force.


You know how I feel about this. Brilliant job altogether!


thx! As far as I know, just guessing actually, a Force-platform is someone or thing that draws in an unusual amount of Force. Maybe like a Force magnet or something.


LOL Yeah, Force Platform as in, charismatic force wielding machine (that somehow does not attract the likes of Darth Vader into our midst) In the heat of fighting a Krayt dragon he used two Force and two destiny points to throw it around like a rag doll for a couple turns.

Wow, thats really cool. The mixture of dull sketching and the orange-grey-blue (actually quite vibrant in its own right) is frickin' sweet. Awesome. =D


Wow, I love the effect you've got here - good to see some other mediums here other than PS too. Man you've got some talent!