Juroth was born on the Trandoshan homeworld of Trandosha. From an early age he proved himself a skilled warrior, even for his race. Later he became a successful commander in the planetary army. Later on he was offered a position as an imperial special agent by Lord Ruven, one of the few non-xenophobic members of Palpatine's inner circle. By the time of the Battle of Endor he and several other agents led the ground forces against the rebel strike team and their Ewok allies.

A request originated by Gama.
The gun and lasers gave me much headaches as I could never get them to look right. I love drawing stormtroopers, so adding them was bonus.


Awesome! I love the vibrant colors and toon style. Very expressive and very cool!



It looks very good and my favorite part is Juroth's face. Excellent work and I thank you for taking my request.


About the background....

So, he was one of the one's that got his ass kicked by walking teddy bears eh? If it were me, I'd have left that part off his resume. lol.

As for the image, great job. I think it'd look better if he were just brandishing the rotary cannon rather than firing it.


Haha, trigger happy? :P His face is awesome!

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