Nicky NiXX

Nicky NiXX was born on Ord Mantell the last year of the clone wars. Her family is dead. Her father killed by pirates on a spice run and her mother killed when she was 15yrs. Her mother was a hacker and schooled NiXX on how to do it . NiXX lived and played in the underworld of Ord Mantell did odd jobs for local swoop gangs and anyone who needed something hacked. Her habit to Death stix started with the death of her mother but she has always had a Klepto problem, She cant go into a room with out stealing something and it does not have to be worth anything.

Thanks for MrPinkEyes for sharing this character, I had a great time envisioning Nicky.

Marker, ink and PS.


Such a vivid characterisation!! I love it! You've got that look of feigned innocence down perfectly!


This is awesome Batty! I almost took up this request but I'm glad you did! So much better than my visualization of it.


Well news about NiXX. As of last night she was captured by bounty hunters who worked for Jabba the hutt and is now a dancing sex slave at Jabbas palace planning her escape..My new toon is Torrock the Wookie. Thanks again Batty for the picture.