Jace Coulton, human pilot

Jace Coulton is the new pilot of the Emerald Lightning, replacing the departed Sei Draysen. His personality is a mix between Han Solo and Bruce Campbell, which helps him go along with some of my character Jo'luk's crazier ideas.

He actually backed up one of Jo's far-fetched excuses when an ex-girlfriend of Jo's (Jalla), who thought she and Jo were engaged, angrily confronted him about his long absences and lack of vid calls. She was an expert marksman and hunter, so Jo didn't want to make her mad, so they convinced her that Jo was a high ranked secret agent that had to go on assignments deep undercover, and she would just have to accept his long absences, because his missions were integral to the safety and peace of the entire galaxy. Sure, Jo wanted to be with her, and stay on her farm, watching the plants grow and raising a bunch of children until he died, but he COULDN'T, because he was needed (well, that's what he told her, at least). Somehow she bought it, but naturally, that led to much, much worse things later on...

Medium: Pencil and Photoshop


Bruce Campbell? Y'know, I never thought of it at the time, but looking back on all those adventures, I can definitely see it. Awesome pic, by the way. I love the classic Star Wars feel you give Jace.