Jodo Ruul, Vurk Mechanic [Request]

Another member of Anarchangel's group! Their second in command, an elderly Vurk mechanic named Jodo Ruul. He has a robe with a belt on the outside because he's just that cool. And gives him easier access to his tools. Unfortunately it also makes it looks like there's a lightsaber hilt dangling there, really it's just some... mechanic... thing. And he has a cane, though he doesn't actually need one to get around, but I bet sometimes he likes to put on the 'arthritic old dude' act anyway. To guilt people and get what he wants, maybe?


This is wonderful Tusserk. Even better than I had imagined. You nailed the elderly look, which I imagine had to be hard.

p.s. The cane's really just for battering people (the crew) over the head when they get out of line.

p.p.s. I'm not really sure where you picked up that he's a mechanic.


Much as I'd love to claim some fabulous character-based psychic ability... you mentioned his being a mechanic in the original request. ;) Glad you like it though, Anarch, I hope his player does too!


Holy Smokes! That's totally, fantastically, absolutely, multi-dimensionally AWESOME!!!


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