Copycat Jak

Jak's been working on her shapeshifting a bit... and when a Trianii ranger joined the crew, she decided to try it on for size.

But unlike actual Trianii, Jak still definitely prefers to keep her clothes on.


*holds out catnip*  Here kitty kitty kitty...  *pulls out laser pointer to watch them bat at it*


Very nice Tuss... You seem to be experimenting a lot with your style.  Very nice to see progress...

Lord Cygnus

Elmyra: "Ooooh! Two little cutesy-wootsy cuddly-wuddly fuzzy-wuzzy adorable kitty-cats, I'll love them, and hug them and hold them forever!" "Come to Mama my prettty little kitties!" *Running towards the two of them with her arms flung wide open!* (BTW: I love this pic, good job Tussy!!)


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