Bothan Beastmaster - Sinister Version

Relatively quick job on this one 'cause I'm trying to get ahead and I know the week after Christmas is gonna kill me, haha. But the current prompt was 'your character as a villain' and well ahh lots of red glow and hair so edgy you could cut yourself on it equals villain right? I kind of like how this came up regardless, haha, and would be tickled if it ever got used for a boss fight in a tabletop game somewhere!

She wouldn't be the sort of Beastmaster to throw hoards of savage animals at the heroes. She'd have one or two, supremely deadly, highly trained animals that she'd have all the confidence in the world in, and be utterly devastated and violently vengeful if they came to harm. 

Lord Crumb

Excellent job - you got the SINISTER ​part down.  I would not want to mess with this individual.


Yes!! Can't wait to hear how it goes haha!! :D

I've been thinking of what sort of game mechanics could work with her- gonna toss out some ideas which you're welcome to use, ignore or adjust as suits.

- So long as the beast/s are in eye contact/earshot of the beastmaster, they could have some sort of attack or intelligence bonus, as they'll be behaving under her instruction and could be a little more tactical?

- She gives instructions in her native tongue/another language (default Bothese); any hero that understands this language may be able to react accordingly and get some sort of benefit.

- She ABSOLUTELY uses an electro whip and/or lasso, but never on her beasts!

- Likely quite high charisma for the Beastmaster? Representing the fact that she is both exceptional at reading body language, and using her own body language to get a desired response (intimidate, set at ease, etc). Maybe an initiative bonus because anyone working with wild creatures gets damn good at pre-empting actions.

- She is nigh impossible to intimidate with a sheer show of strength alone (using the Force against her is likely another matter).


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