Gamorrean Gladiator Orphanage

My character, Jo'luk, was raised in an orphanage, so naturally, I took it to the extreme. The orphanage was run by a Gamorrean couple who were into illegal activities. In this scene, the children are fighting in an underage gladiatorial competition for the pleasure of underworld gamblers. Back then, Jo'luk didn't have access to alcohol, which his species needs to live, so he was a weak, sickly child. He always lost his matches, until he was put up against a gungan, as seen in this scene.

After that, he got the alcohol he needed, so long as he kept winning, which made his stronger, smarter, and made his mind quicker (or so he believed, as all imbibers of massive quantities of alcohol do).

This was a quick sketch, just for the fun of it. Nothing serious.