Grados Nakar'Mir

A piece for Grados Nakar'Mir of his Mando character, based on his own mercs outfit!

grados nakar'mir

im so happy how it turned out i epecially love the weathering and the helmet and well everything im so happy hpw it turned out over all

grados nakar'mir

i mean you got pretty much every scratch and scar and it even inspired a new generation and variant of the mandalorian destroyer helmet yeah i will definitly get it or build it either way destroyer helmets are some of the rarest out there with only 15 made but im just so pleased with how this turned

grados nakar'mir

i can see another arm wrestling competition with a certain annooo-dat merc and a certain human mandalorian bounty hunter in heavy tan beskar'gam who hardly ever shows his face

"come one come all to see the dragon man and self proclaimed champion face the new comer the mysterious mist warrior"

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There are a lot of Mandos wandering about on art pages, but very few with excellent color coordination and lighting such as this. Excellent piece.


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