I've been redrawing old pieces lately, so here's some old redesigned spacer characters from my wayback. Yuzada (, Aqualish captain of the freighter The Undertow, Telfab (​, Ishi Tib deep space pilot, Toba, a Trog (my own species), and Kwelik (, a Quarren pilot with few morals and no standards. I originally intended to include two of my Duros characters (including Keltarr), but I ran out of steam.

Lord Crumb

It is really cool!  I was hoping when I saw the thumbclip that the Ishi Tib was my character Vess but oh well.  The CHEERS of outer space.  The outfits are awesome.



Lord Cygnus

My Dear Lord Crumb,

I know what you mean, I'd love to see my character used as even part of the background in one of AsokTusserk, Hisham, JynxieCasca1967, Rina, Mtlegacy, MercyJudasWonderduckAenid31  or any of the other proific and vastly talented artists here on Star Wars SWAG!  But we'll just have to enjoy their wonderful artwork that they post up (with or without either of our charters in them).



My character has been added to a few good pieces :) ...   


Love this Asok... Very awesome, love the png file without a background as well.  Looks very cool...


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