Kappa tonka!

An angry Dug besieges a poor Gran who owns a parts shop outside Pixelito.
"Kappa tonka!" shouts the Dug, brandishing his blasters.
"Aah!" cries the Gran. His eyestalks flail. He is doomed.


Interesting piece of work Asok!

Maybe its just me, but it feels like theres that bit of Old Mexico flavor, old El'Paso (sp?) , with a bandit heist of a parts or weapons smith type shop, and a personal grievance with the proprietor. What was it this time? sold the Dug a faulty droid that fell or blew apart? or substandard landspeeder motivator?

The abode looks something of a cross between those on Tatooine, and those of classic Mexican design.



I seem to remember a certain Dug that would take what he wanted, when he wanted, no questions asked. He blamed it on though times, however his Gran partner finally caused him to come to his senses. He seemed to have the death sentence on 7 systems as I recall (or as he boasted).


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