The 'Full Tatooine Expirience'



(Following the other 'group portraints' that Tusserk and I have been doing back and forth for each planet that we visit, this was my tackle at Tatooine after I agreed to illustrate that hot mess. IT WASN'T FUN. TO BE FAIR NOT MUCH LATELY HAS BEEN.)


You can give us "one last thing" as often as you like. You're showing a pretty wicked breadth of style here in your last few submissions. Really enjoying all of it. The white spot in the upper left feels out of place with the rest of the piece, but the characters are all wonderful and colorful and make me wish I had an RPG group I was playing with currently. Great work, I especially dig the tricked out Krayt Dragon.



Ahaha, the sky space being jarring is actually quite appropriate? I was going for a kind of intense wahsed-out-very-saturated desert horizon (even if it is only a stereotype that a desert horizon is always so white), but alot of the blue did get erased in the aforementioned saturation. I was more focused on making the grain and yellows in the landscape a good balance and did not give much thought to the sky XD

Thanks though! These are a pretty fun project to mark the end to each planetary adventure, I've really enjoyed even only the two I have done so far even if they were both on the same planet


Sometimes I like to imagine that all the RP that goes down takes place in the same universe.


And then I realize that there are thousands of people having adventures on Tatooine, all the time. 


It'd be like a Disneyland of blaster shootouts and exiled Jedi.


And of course the first thing i think of is how many peple are constantly running around in TOR, and....yeah, yeah it totally would be that busy.


that disneyland descrption is PRETTY SPOT ON


Those sand people were THE WORST. THE WORST!!

(Also that Mon Cal wasn't the only one who suffered at the hands of Equisha during that particular incident. I seem to recall a nasty kick... and folk say I'm the violent one! Puh!)


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