Mano Vector, SBI Special Agent

Agent M requested this Senate Bureau of Intelligence Special Agent. He carries a SoroSuub Kylan-3 blaster pistol.

Medium: MyPaint for pencils, inks and hues. GIMP for writing stuff, lighting stuff and other stuff.


Oh frappe. First I wrote "Nothing really matters to me." It'd visually filled up the space badly, so I thought I'd use "Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me" but it seems that I forgot to change "nothing" into "doesn't".

I'll just leave it this way.


Way wind? Just a guess.....and this is so cool. The new guy in our group needs to see this, sounds like his character.


Very cool Hish... and great guess Casca... :) you posted almost at the same time..

I just couldn't think of anything that made sense.... now it all makes sense :)

And sorry... learning Aurebesh was natural after waiting for SWTOR to come out for so long and reading all the little clues the devs were giving in screenies...

Now I can't stop reading the stuff :)


I really like the outfit. It seems a lot of Star Wars characters (mine included) get drawn with clothing that is more sci-fi than it needs to be. This is very reminiscent of Han and what we saw Luke wear at the end of ANH. Practical and not too flashy. It works really well, especially on a human character.


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