Zed 9 and K9-7

From Hisham's pre-SWAG, Template Facade Archives:

The second droid designed by Vonta Horn the designer of the positronic droid that became C4. In an effort to create a more effective police-type droid she made a modified Zed type droid. This one possessing a higher inteligence then most models. She gave it more leeway with its programing as well any other Zed model is not allowed to use lethal force. But Vonta made a new law directive, Lethal force is allowed if the assailant attempts to resist with lethal force. Or if there are innocents in danger that leave him no other choice then he is justified.

Zed Nine as he was deemed, was a natural defence droid. He was as good as the best that they had in CorSec. Leading the New Alliance to form a independent police force the CLF or Civilian Law Force.

Eventually he saw that he needed a bit of help so he had a request put in for a partner. Resulting in the creation of his Dog like droid counter partner K9-7. His tracking abilities allow Zed to track down criminals in immediate vicinities leading to surprising arrests.

Zed 9 and K9-7 requested by Aaron Ostrenga


Jeeze Hish - I don't ever recall see'ing this pic over at your old Template Facade site!

Btw, you've got a tiny typo mis-match.
title - Zed 9 and K7-9
description - Resulting in the creation of his Dog like droid counter partner K9-7.

Always thought the Zed droids were cool, the SW'ified RoboCop literally. A trio of crime fighting droid partners has a nice ring to it!


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