Jak, Shistavanen Scout.

And here she is, my girl Jak, scoutin' away with her lovely new cybernetic eye. Her left arm's fake, too, but she was awful fussy about her new body parts, and you wouldn't know she had any mechanical bits to look at her.


Whoa, I've never seen such a real-dog-like Shistavenan! Cool portrayal.



absolutely love this pic...you are quit the detailer yourself young lady...those pants and that coat are spot on.


I ran Mercy's comment through Google translate, and it says what she said was...

"I can't believe how good that picture is."

It is a great pic :)


Funny, I ran it through google translate and all I got was ດອກດອກດອກ!



Love this! <3

The breed looks to be slightly more tamed then the more ubiquitous Shistavanen and hence probably a favorite with humans due to their natural affinity towards canines.. :)


Oh my! She's lovely!

She looks s little something like one character i'm trying to remember the name of the cartoon. Was years ago. She was this classy red haired Collie, sporting a trench coat, a lady detective. Whole cast was various breeds of dogs, with a 1930's vibe to it.

Anywhoo, regardless, I've never seen a more nicer drawn, let alone beautiful looking Shistavanen character. I agree with Silk, it does have that nice Indiana Jones / Lara Croft vibe to her. Gotta love the air of confidence she has about her, rifle ready at a split second's notice.

Kool thing about hidden cybernetics, especially when they're set to be indistinguishable from the real body parts- they can sure pack a good surprise. Hopefully Jak went the extra little mile to make them also scanner resistant :)

Keep up the creativity Tuss! This one's definitely an instant favorite :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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